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I am Olivia

Olivia arrived at SAFE at the very beginning of May 2021.

Olivia is a domestic Muscovy duck. She and her sister Cosette surprised us by showing us that they can fly, and do so over quite a long distance.

Olivia is Dais’s companion, who protects her and follows her everywhere. Olivia isn’t always convinced that she needs protection and often takes refuge near the house on the patio.
Olivia also chooses to build herself a very cosy nest, where she lays 12 to 15 eggs, which she incubates for almost a month, without leaving the nest except to eat and drink very occasionally and very quickly. We’re often asked why she doesn’t fly off somewhere else… I guess she feels at home in SAFE, loved and safe.
Like her companions who arrived at the same time, she was one of a series of ducklings we kept and others we placed. There was a craze in Montreal to adopt ducklings thanks to a post on Tik Tok urging their adoption. Young people sold them on street corners or in schoolyards.
Responsible parents tried to place them, but many were abandoned in parks or on the streets.
Pictures of Olivia
Sponsor Olivia
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I am the most beautiful looking poney of all, don’t tell them ;) But I am a bit shy with humans while being kind and sweet.


I enjoy being petted and brushed by humans. And I am very smart as I will do everything to go out!


I’m Flocon, an enchanting pigeon with quite a character!


Beauty’s previous Mom looked for a new loving home for her for 6 months and out of desperation was going to send her to an exploitation farm. We intercepted her just in time.


I’m a sweet and adorable goat, I admit, I’m a little scared of humans. No, but they are so big and imposing! I stay in my quiet corner when they come to clean the big one :)


If something happens, she is the first to investigate. After the storm passes, Matilda returns to her curious nature, growling happily when scratched behind her ears.


I am Argent, the calm and gentle rooster of the Red Barn!


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I’m the queen of the pig kingdom and I love it!


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Forfait d’adoption de base – bénéfices inclus pour tous les animaux :

  • Certificat d’adoption
  • Photo en couleur de l’animal adopté
  • Macaron de SAFE
  • Visite VIP (sur rendez-vous) pour rencontrer votre animal


Pour votre information, tout don ou parrainage de plus de 20$ vous donnera un reçu d’impôt.

*SVP veuillez noter que les avantages sont alloués après 3 mois entiers d’adoption.


Basic Sponsorship Package includes:

  • Sponsorship certificate
  • Colour photo of the animal
  • SAFE pin
  • VIP visit (by appointment) to meet the animal

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*Please note that sponsorship privileges enter into effect 3 months after sponsorship has begun.