SAFE is a Registered Canadian Charity – No. 703752295RR0001

The only farm animal sanctuary in Quebec.

Meet the animals at SAFE


Samson was brought to us by a caring soul. He had an injured leg when he arrived and was limping badly. Now that he is healed he has elected to live on the pond at SAFE.


Im a shy little goat who loves head scratches from humans!


I’m Dudley, Peking duck, full of energy and chatter!


I am a rooster that is full of energy with a personality that does not go unnoticed!


I enjoy being petted and brushed by humans. And I am very smart as I will do everything to go out!


I’m Cosette, Olivia’s sister!


I am Argent, the calm and gentle rooster of the Red Barn!


I am a very adorable brown pig who loves to lie in the sun


I love to blow and nicker when I see my human caretakers and approache with interest to see what goodies may be offered!


My name means Star ou Dignity and I am proud of it! I am a beautiful blue-eyed pony.


Nemoo is a male calf of the Jersey breed and therefore has no use in the dairy industry or in the meat industry. His destiny was different.


I’m the new kid in pig space and I’m also the most nimble! I love taking mud baths.

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Story of SAFE

How it all started

In the fall of 2016, Catherine, founder of SAFE, bought this property to make her dream come true and finally open an animal sanctuary. At first, it was not a home for farm animals, but due to the critical situation of farm animals, I realized that I could make a difference in the lives of farm animals.

One day, three pigs escaped on their way to a slaughterhouse and roamed the countryside for about a month. With my plans to open a sanctuary, it was not possible for SAFE to allow these pigs to be sent back to become meat.