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Safe’s hens

For Easter, choose to sponsor one of Safe’s hen.


I’m Flocon, an enchanting pigeon with quite a character!


I’m D’artagnan and I love spending my days swimming in the pond.


I’m Ferdinand, the duck with the big heart!


I’m Cosette, Olivia’s sister!


I’m Olivia, Dais’s companion!


I’m Dais, the SAFE guard duck.


I’m Dudley, Peking duck, full of energy and chatter!


I’m Clover, the Casanova of the duck world at SAFE!


I’m Tom the turkey and I like to surround myself with my duck and goose friends!


My name is Stella and I was Patsy’s love!


Jeannot the sheep lived on a farm where he spent his life alone, inside a cubicle.


I am Argent, the calm and gentle rooster of the Red Barn!


Beauty’s previous Mom looked for a new loving home for her for 6 months and out of desperation was going to send her to an exploitation farm. We intercepted her just in time.


I’m a sweet and adorable goat, I admit, I’m a little scared of humans. No, but they are so big and imposing! I stay in my quiet corner when they come to clean the big one 🙂


I am Thor, the master rooster! I walk with class with my feathers going down to my paws.

You can make a difference in the life of a rescued animal.

The animals here at SAFE need loving sponsors to help cover their monthly expenses for food, lodging and visits to the vet. You will receive an adoption certificat with a photo of the animal sponsored. Sponsorships require an ongoing commitment to the resident: hens and roosters ($10/month), ducks ($15/month), goats and sheep ($30/month), ponies ($35/month), pigs ($45 /month), cows ($60/month).