mini cochon

I am Léon

I like

And I like

  • Getting belly scratches time
  • Snooping in the hay
  • Enjoying mud baths
  • My friend Miss Piggie

I am Léon

Léon was a very small piece of pig, 2-3 weeks at most when he was found at the end of July 2021, on a highway near Montreal by a brave young man who had the courage to save him before he died. he doesn’t get hit by a car. What was that baby doing on the highway? We can only assume that he fell from the truck bringing him to a nursery, a building where piglets 2 to 4 weeks old are brought after being weaned early and torn from their mother when they still do not know that suckle. They will then be fattened to reach the slaughter weight of 25-35 kilos at the age of 5 to 7 months.

Our little Léon already had his tail cut off and was recently castrated because he was bleeding from the wound from the removal of his testicles. Too small to eat or drink from a bottle with a nipple, he was fed by syringe for several weeks. Even after this withdrawal period, Leon still had difficulty eating and could only suck his food. Quite by chance, we discovered that he loved the tomato sauce which became the magic ingredient. His pig food mixed with a little tomato sauce quickly became his favorite dish which allowed him to graduate to a normal food for small pigs.

Since then, Léon has stopped being picky and devours everything offered to him. Life is not always easy for our little Léon because although the big sows have accepted him among them, Malcolm, the only other male in the herd, does not want him in his group. He attacks him and watches his every move to make sure Leon can’t get into the pen inside. A new indoor enclosure had to be built to keep our little one safe. We cross our fingers hoping that Léon will be able to take his place in the group as it grows.

Pictures of Léon
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Bailey arrived on September 23, 2018. She is a dairy cow who could not produce milk, as in principle sterile. Like any sterile dairy cow, she had to be sent to slaughter.


I am lucky to be with my mom, Bailey, and receive hugs very often


I enjoy being petted and brushed by humans. And I am very smart as I will do everything to go out!


If something happens, she is the first to investigate. After the storm passes, Matilda returns to her curious nature, growling happily when scratched behind her ears.


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I love to blow and nicker when I see my human caretakers and approache with interest to see what goodies may be offered!


Im a shy little goat who loves head scratches from humans!


I love sharing special moments of love with humans when I snuggle up to them and lay my head on their shoulder. Yes I know, I’m adorable!


I am an energetic and curious pig who enjoys bossing my friend Malcolm around!


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I am a very adorable brown pig who loves to lie in the sun

Miss Piggie

I’m the queen of the pig kingdom and I love it!

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