Sponsor one of SAFE's animals

The animals here at SAFE need loving sponsors to help cover their monthly expenses for food, lodging and visits to the vet. By participating in our Adopt a Farm Animal program, you are contributing to the care of a rescued farm animal and acting as a positive force against cruelty towards farm animals everywhere.

Many animals are available for sponsorship!
As a sponsor, you are directly contributing to the well-being of the animals at SAFE sanctuary. Your one-year sponsorship commitment can be made on either a monthly, bi-annual or annual donation basis.

To sponsor an animal today, simply choose the animal you would like to sponsor and click on his picture to open the sponsor an animal form.

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive periodic updates about your animal and the sanctuary via newsletter, a colour photo of your animal, a SAFE sanctuary pin, and a free VIP guided tour of the sanctuary (by appointment) so you can meet your animal. To learn about other advantages that come with our sponsorship program, please click on the link below:

Advantages of sponsorship

*** *** Give the gift of Sponsorship!

Why not offer an animal sponsorship as a gift to a family member or loved one? Our gift package makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves animals. It includes a sponsorship certificate, our sanctuary newsletter, a colour photo of your animal, and a VIP tour of the sanctuary (by appointment) to meet your animal. Other advantages might also be available, depending on the animal you select.


Nemoo is a sweet sensitive soul. He loves gentle care and attention. He enjoys being talked to and sang to, cuddled and carresed. Nemoo loves being with his friends but he also loves people. He has a beautiful curly tail which he flaunts for attention..

Sponsor Nemoo for $55 a month.



Calvin is growing into a fine young gentleman. He loves to be the center of attention and seems to always be thinking many thoughts at once. Calvin sometimes loses his temper if he does not get his way but he quickly sets himself straight again. He is a great friend to Nemoo and Bailey.

Sponsor Calvin for $55 a month.



Bailey is a gentle mother. She enjoys cuddles, apples and being with her friends in the field. She has learned to trust people and enjoys being petted and talked to. She is getting used to our new addition Leo and we are hoping she will step in as his surrogate mother to help him learn about the world.

Sponsor Bailey for $55 a month.



Léo got to SAFE during May 2019. He is curious, friendly and full of wonder. He enjoys trotting around on the grass and cuddling. He also loves sniffing around and exploring in nature. He is still a little shy but has slowly been getting to know all his new friends.

Sponsor Leo for $60 a month.



Marty is our newest arrival here at SAFE, and he is Bailey's baby. Marty was born in the forest behind SAFE on June 3rd of this year. He is sweet and playful but he also has a rebellious side that comes out whenever Bailey tries to tell him what to do. We are thankful that we get to see Marty grow and learn from his mom.

Sponsor Marty for $60 a month.


Matilda is curious, sociable and extroverted. She walks with confidence and attitude and is the first to investigate new people, objects and events going on around her. Matilda enjoys scratches behind her ears and will thank you with a few satisfied grunts once you are through. She sometimes throws tantrums when she does not get her way, but we love her just the way she is. She is Pumba’s best friend and life buddy.

Sponsor Matilda for $45 a month.


Pumba has two passions: eating and sleeping. He lives with life-long friend and roommate Matilda, with whom he escaped slaughter by jumping off a truck. Ever since, the two have been inseparable. Pumba sometimes shows his love for Matilda by trying to lift her with his muzzle. He was one of the first animals to arrive at SAFE and we hold a very special place in our heart for him.

Sponsor Pumba for $45 a month.



Alice loves any kind of attention. She especially loves being talked to and scratched behind the ears. Alice is a troublemaker. She can be found spilling everything that can be spilled inside the barn in her constant search for something delicious. Alice is a little spoiled and this is all our fault..

Sponsor Alice for $40 a month.



Rosie is a sweet sow who enjoys getting dirty and wrestling in the straw with her best friend Miss Piggy. Rosie loves crunchy red apples and the feeling of sunshine on her back. Here she can be seen having a little nap as she waits for the sun to resurface.

Sponsor Rosie for $45 a month.


Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy loves attention and affection. She was raised as a household pet and has a special affinity for her human counterparts as a result. Miss Piggy likes to boss around her best friend Rosie but she also can’t live without her. She loves to snuggle with her in the hay, whether it be inside the barn or out.

Sponsor Miss Piggy for $45 a month.



Bronco likes people but he also enjoys quiet time in nature and inside the barn. He gets along with his pony friends but he sometimes like to venture out on his own to enjoy being with himself. Bronco loves people, being petted, brushed, talked to and scratched on his neck and back. He follows people around and is very curious to see what they are up to. He is always present while his barn is being clean, standing in the middle of everything to make sure it is done right.

Sponsor Bronco for $35 a month.



Silver is a shy and handsome poney. He took a very long time trusting people. He willingly approaches them now but prefers not to be touched by people he does not know. Silver has now taken his place within the small herd and enjoys chasing and running around with Shakira, mane flying in the wind and hooves sounding like thunder. He loves special treats and the dogs company.

Sponsor Silver for $35 a month.



It took Shakira quite a long time to trust people but she has now overcome her fears. She approaches people easily and lets herself be petted. Shakira has an amazing mane which covers her neck like a long blond shawl which she whips around in the wind. She enjoys Silver’s company and plays hide-and-seek with him, running wildly all around their pen. She also enjoys being on her own and can often be found by herself happily contemplating life.

Sponsor Shakira for $35 a month.


Shitara is a friendly and sociable pony, who gets a little excited at times. Shitara spent many hard years locked inside a barn being very much neglected. She now enjoys her freedom and loves to gallop in the field with her friends and loves being petted and caressed. Shitara has beautiful blue eyes than are often hidden by her impressive mane, but we managed to get a good shot of them here!

Sponsor Shitara for $35 a month.



Skye is playful, curious and a little bossy. She enjoys spending time with her goats friends and finding things to chew on. She likes to sunbathe outdoors when the weather is nice and warm. Skye is famous sanctuary wide for her beautiful toothy smile.

Sponsor Skye for $30 a month.


Buzz loves running around the barn and outside with his two best friends and is rarely seen outside of their company. He is ok with not having horns like Skye and Storm do, although it took him awhile to accept himself. Buzz loves chewing on pieces of bread and apples. He hates to admit it but he is a little intimidated by Philippe.

Sponsor Buzz for $30 a month.



Storm is rambunctious and full of energy. She enjoys being with her friends Buzz and Skye. Storm might be tiny but she is full of spunk. She enjoys play fighting in the barn and finding ways to upset Jeanne. She loves to stand on the stairs and take in all the activity in the barn. Storm’s trademark is her long beautiful beard and bright eyes.

Sponsor Storm for $30 a month.



Philippe is a perceptive goat who seems to understand everything you say to him. He loves cuddles and being brushed, and he has a very calm and kind way about him. Philippe also happens to think he is a bull. He enjoys being with his cow friends in the field and eating cow feed whenever he can. He tolerates other goats.

Sponsor Philippe for $30 a month.



Timid and sweet, Jeanne enjoys massages that reach all the way under her impressive layer of wool. Jeanne has been learning how to deal with her rambunctious flatmates the goats. She likes quiet time and quiet corners to rest in, and falling asleep with her head in her food bowl.

Sponsor Jeanne for $30 a month.


Adam is our sweet growing baby Jersey calf. He loves to run and play, grass beneath his feet. Adam is new to SAFE. He has a lot to explore on the sanctuary and many animal friends to meet. He is just the right size, for now, to play and frolick with Russell our goat and Bree our "momma" pitbull!

Sponsor Adam for $60 a month.