Learn more about the animals of SAFE

The Cows

The Pigs

Matilda, Pumba and Oreo escaped on their way to the slaughterhouse and roamed the countryside for over a full month. After being seen in different locations, escaping death as they crossed different roads, avoiding being captured by different agencies, they were finally picked up after a long fight by Refuge RR.

It was then that fate knocked on SAFE's door and these three inseparable companions were welcomed as the first residents.

The ponies

Our mini-ponies arrived at SAFE on 2017 October 12. They came from 2 different locations with different negligence stories. They were rescued by RR Refuge who brought them to SAFE to happily live the rest of their lives.

Bronco and Silver lived in a field with pigs. Father and son, they were pretty much left on their own with no care nor human touch. It could have been a happy story, wild horses do live pretty much on their own too, but they roam fields and forests and vast expanses, not a fenced in field. Then one day, the farmer who owned them decided he no longer wanted them and dumped them on the side of the road, pretty much like garbage. RR Refuge was called when they were found. They eventually located their owner who claimed he no longer wanted them. Interestingly enough when he found out it was a rescue shelter who was taking them, he decided to play a hard game and demanded money. It took a couple of weeks of hard negotiations, but he finally gave them up.

Shakira and Shitara lived in a barn and were pretty much left to themselves. They did not go out and were not looked after. They were found with what is commonly called elves hooves. This hoof condition is either due to poor husbandry or can be related to “founder” or “laminitis.”  Laminitis isn’t just a result of a lack of hoof trimming, but rather a complex disease which can result in pain, destruction and death of inner hoof tissues. Laminitis is painful, crippling, complicated, expensive and difficult to treat.

Shakira and Shitara so far seem to have regain the ability to run and walk almost normally. Their back legs in particular still turn in and move all over the place, but it is normal due to the hooves condition they had to endure for many months or maybe years. It will take several months before they regain a normal gait. For now, they run, jump and kick in the air obviously enjoying the feeling of freedom.