Sponsor one of SAFE's animals

The animals here at SAFE need loving sponsors to help cover their monthly expenses for food, lodging and visits to the vet. By participating in our Adopt a Farm Animal program, you are contributing to the care of a rescued farm animal and acting as a positive force against cruelty towards farm animals everywhere.

Many animals are available for sponsorship!
As a sponsor, you are directly contributing to the well-being of the animals at SAFE sanctuary. Your one-year sponsorship commitment can be made on either a monthly, bi-annual or annual donation basis.

To sponsor an animal today, simply choose the animal you would like to sponsor and click on his picture to open the sponsor an animal form.

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive periodic updates about your animal and the sanctuary via newsletter, a colour photo of your animal, a SAFE sanctuary pin, and a free VIP guided tour of the sanctuary (by appointment) so you can meet your animal. To learn about other advantages that come with our sponsorship program, please click on the link below:

Advantages of sponsorship

*** *** Give the gift of Sponsorship!

Why not offer an animal sponsorship as a gift to a family member or loved one? Our gift package makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves animals. It includes a sponsorship certificate, our sanctuary newsletter, a colour photo of your animal, and a VIP tour of the sanctuary (by appointment) to meet your animal. Other advantages might also be available, depending on the animal you select.


Nemoo is a sensitive soul. He is gentle, timid, and very affectionate. He enjoys spending his days under the cow awning, chewing away at some hay with his buddies by his side.

Sponsor Nemoo for $60 a month.



Calvin is at once dominant, jealous, intelligent and affectionate. He loves being at the center of attention and can be somewhat intimidating - who wouldn't be at 6 feet high, weighing in at more than 2000 pounds with beautiful enormous horns on top of his head. Calvin is an intelligent being who studies everything that goes on around him such as how to vanquish the locks on his enclosure, time after time.

Sponsor Calvin for $60 a month.



Bailey is gentle, patient, playful and motherly. She loves cuddles and any and all kinds of snacks, she is always hungry. She enjoys spending time in the forest and the field with her friends and her son Marty.

Sponsor Bailey for $60 a month.



Leo is a curious, friendly and adventurous youn bull. He loves the feel of grass beneath his hooves and receiving cuddles. He spends his days playing and chewing with his adoptive brother Marty and the rest of his cow family.

Sponsor Leo for $60 a month.



While he is gentle and tentative, Marty also sometimes enjoys rebelling with Bailey. He is playful, curious and interested in the world that surrounds him. He has crafted a very special and important place for himself by earning acceptance from the herd dominant male Calvin.

Sponsor Marty for $60 a month.



Affectionate and very fond of carresses and attention, Adam is curious about the world that surrounds him. He is at ease in the company of humans and animals alike and loves to play, especially with his two best friends Russell the goat and Henry the sheep.

Sponsor Adam for $60 a month.


Matilda is curious, maternal and extroverted. She watches out for her best friend Pumba and is able to stand up to the biggest bully of all: Miss Piggy. Matilda enjoys scratches behind the ears and fresh cruchy apples.

Sponsor Matilda for $45 a month.


Simone is playful and sociable and enjoys spending time with our other pigs. She can sometimes get a little moody when she doesnt get her way but a nice crunchy apple usually sets her straight again. Simone enjoys spending time in our forest patch, digging and chewing on young branches.

Sponsor Simone for $45 a month.



Alice is curious, playful, and affectionate. She adores any and all kinds of attention. Alice arrived at SAFE after the hierarchy in our pig barn had already been established by our older, bigger pigs. As a result, Alice had trouble integrating with the group, and lived for many months alone until she was big and brave enough to try interacting with them. The arrival of Malcolm and Simone co-incided with this transition for Alice, and made it easier for her-- these two newcomers took to her immediately, and together the three learned to live together with the others.

Sponsor Alice for $45 a month.


Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is very playful and even mischievous but is also a real dictator. She tells other pigs where to go and what to do and she almost always manages to have the last word! Despite all the arguments, she loves to curl up with others at night like nothing has happened.

Parrainer Miss Piggy pour 45$ par mois.



Sociable, affectionate and playful, Rosie adores red cruchy apples and feeling the warmth of sun rays on her back. She is non-assuming and does not enjoy confrontations. She usually spends her nights tucked in between two or three of her best friends for extra coziness.

Sponsor Rosie for $45 a month.



Malcolm is a gentle soul. While our other pigs argue with each other regularly, Malcolm prefers to stay peaceful, calm, and agreeable. He loves red crunchy apples and belly rubs in the morning.

Sponsor Malcolm for $45 a month.



Bronco is very sociable with humans and other animals alike. His demeanor is calm and stead which makes it easy for him to lead his little group wisely and patiently. He enjoys carresess and being around people, especially children.

Sponsor Bronco for $35 a month..



Silver is shy and guarded but he also seeks attention from humans he trusts especially if they know how to respect his need of space and limited contact. He enjoys laying in the sun with the others and peacefully chewing on fresh hay. From time to time he lets himself go and galops at full speed up and down the field with his friend Shakira.

Sponsor Silver for $35 a month.



Shakira has an independant spirit and is somewhat guarded, though she opens up to those she knows and trusts. She enjoys running in our pony field with her friends, laying in the sun on a nice mountain of hay or spending some alone time in the little wooded area near the barn. Shakira knows how to call the humans neighing from far to remind them that it is time for treats.

Sponsor Shakira for $35 a month.


Shitara is quite sociable but a little nervous at times. She enjoys gentle carressess and attention but can be agitated and decide all at once that she no longer wants any contact. Her favorite snacks are apple and carrots.

Sponsor Shitara for $35 a month.


Buzz is quiet, sweet and timid. He enjoys tucking himself away in quiet corners of the barn for extra privacy. He hates to admit it, but he is slightly intimidated by Philippe.

Sponsor Buzz for $30 a month.



Storm is playful and very affectionnate. She enjoys climbing the stairs in our barn and loitering there for some quiet time, sometimes with her brother Buzz. She adores cuddles and carresses above all and will come right up to you to ask for them but be careful... she may headbutt you if you stop!

Sponsor Storm for $30 a month.



Affectionate, shy and gentle Jane takes the time to get to know humans before letting herself go. She considers the goats as her family but has begun to accept the playfulness of Henry the little sheep who will catch up to her. She enjoys massages and falling asleep with her head in her food bowl.

Sponsor Jane for $30 a month.

Henry and Adam


Henry is very affectionate and playful with all who surround him. He wags his tail when he gets scratched anywhere below the chin, and enjoys spending his days running and play fighting with his best friends Russell, the goat and especially Adam the little calf.

Sponsor Henry for $30 a month.


Russell is an adorable growing girl. True to her goat nature, Russell climbs on everything and can be found on the highest shelves sharing the narrow space with the hens. She enjoys breaking into our food bins for extra snacks, as well as playing and running with her best friends Adam and Henry.

Sponsor Russell for $30 a month.


Calm and attentive, Gilbert enjoys being talked to and taken care of. He is tough as nails when it comes to defending his ladies from the other roosters; even when they are twice his size.

Sponsor Gilbert for $10 a month.



Daphne is very vocal with her emotions and gets especially overexcited when she is in the presence of someone new. She enjoys gentle carresses on her neck and taking walks around the sanctuary with her sister Delilah and her new buddy Samson.

Sponsor Daphne for $15 a month.


Delilah is very vocal with her emotions as is her sister Daphne. Delilah loves being held by those she knows well, oftentimes drifitng to sleep in their arms. Delilah enjoys taking long leisurely baths and taking walks around the sanctuary with her sister Daphne and new buddy Samson.

Sponsor Delilah for $15 a month.



Samson used to be a solitary guy until he was brought off his pond into our shared barn for the winter. Since then, he has been getting used to being around our other animals and has been developing strong bonds with our other two geese Daphne and Delilah. The three form a very cute trio, and enjoy taking walks together around the sanctuary.

Sponsor Samson for $15 a month.