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Educational Programs

Have you ever cuddled a cow or brushed a goat?

Cuddling a cow has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels in humans. Brushing goats is very relaxing and soothing for both the goat and the person holding the brush!

Come to SAFE Sanctuary and meet our cow, goats and other friendly animals along the way!

SAFE Educational Programs


Meet the animals

A Tour of SAFE Sanctuary

This tour takes place on site at the Sanctuary. Here students are given the unique opportunity to visit with the animals and interact with them as we make our way through our fields and barns. Animal histories and anecdotes are recounted to help students relate, empathize, and connect with the animals. Short, age-appropriate activities follow the guided visit. Weather permitting, picnic areas are available where plant based snacks can be enjoyed.

Program length: 2 hours
Includes: Chocolate milk tasting (plant based)
Price : $15 per children, minimum of $300

Meet the animals

A Virtual tour of SAFE Sanctuary

This workshop gives students the opportuity to visit the sanctuary from their classroom seats. We take students on a virtual tour of the sanctuary through photos and video and introduce them to the animals who call SAFE Sanctuary home. As part of telling the animals’ histories, we share background on the conditions these animals came from and the realities of our modern food system in an age appropriate way. We also offer information aboyt how making plant-based food choices is a great step to take toward helping animals and the environment.

Program length: 40-50 minutes
Includes: Chocolate milk tasting (plant based)

2 cochons dans la neige

Our Humane Educator

Teresa Gangnier holds a MA from Concordia Univesity and a Bachelors of Education from the University of Toronto. She is an experienced elementary school teacher with the Toronto District School Board, and has also taught with many organizations abroad.

Teresa has travelled to and worked on many sanctuaries around the world, including sanctuaries in New Zealand, Spain, Thailand and Sweden. Her passion for animal advocacy and animal rights is what brought her to SAFE, where she has lived and worked on site for many months. She is fluent in both English and French.

*Prices vary according to group size and presentation length. Please write us at for reservation.