I am Storm

I like

And I like

  • My brother Buzz
  • Receiving head scratches
  • Hopping on the barn shelves

I am Storm

In early December 2017, just in time for Christmas, the call came. Three goats and a lamb, in a critical and desperate situation, badly needed a new home as soon as possible. Having a place in the nursery, so to speak, we welcomed our four residents. They came from a sanctuary in Quebec about to close.

The origin of the goats is not known, only that of Storm, our little pygmy goat who was born in August 2017 and of which Skye is the mother. Skye gave birth to two babies during this month of August but she lacked breast milk and abandoned them.

Storm survived after a long battle with pneumonia, but her brother did not. Buzz is also Skye’s son from another litter. He is a wonderful boy, very shy but learning to trust a little more every day.

Pictures of Storm
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I love getting my belly scratched by humans, but don’t tell anyone!


I’m the new kid in pig space and I’m also the most nimble! I love taking mud baths.


I love coming to welcome visitors to the Sanctuary with my sister Daphne! We are considered the guard geese :)


I’m so sweet and kind that humans always come and stroke my cheeks !


I’m a sweet and affectionate duck, and I love swimming in my little pool near the house. The volunteers take me there every day!


I enjoy being petted and brushed by humans. And I am very smart as I will do everything to go out!


I am the most beautiful looking poney of all, don’t tell them ;) But I am a bit shy with humans while being kind and sweet.


I am the biggest of all my bovine friends! I am often asked how old am I :)


I love sharing special moments of love with humans when I snuggle up to them and lay my head on their shoulder. Yes I know, I’m adorable!


I’m the greediest of them all, maybe even the whole Sanctuary! For me, everything tastes good and I don’t hesitate to do pirouettes to get what I want!


I love to blow and nicker when I see my human caretakers and approache with interest to see what goodies may be offered!


I am a very adorable brown pig who loves to lie in the sun

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  • SAFE pin
  • VIP visit (by appointment) to meet the animal

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