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I am Patsy

Patsy arrived at SAFE in May 2021. He was rescued from a hatchery, a place where eggs (geese, ducks, turkeys, etc.) are hatched and the young, born most of the time in incubators, are sold very quickly after birth, often 1-3 days, to become meat or enter the farming cycle.

But Patsy’s guardian angel was watching over him closely. A lady visiting the hatchery discovered the poor little fellow crushed under the weight of the ducklings in the tank. Without hesitation, she pulled him out of the suffocating heap and took him home. But keeping a duckling at home isn’t as easy as you might think. What’s more, Patsy was born with a malformed leg, too short and without a palm. Although when he was small, he could easily pull himself up or even stand. But with time, and the added weight of his growing body, he could no longer move around on his own. His rescuer wanted to place him in a place where he could have some quality of life, and knew full well that this couldn’t be on a conventional farm.

That’s how Patsy came to SAFE.
Patsy shares her small pen with her duck friends. Many volunteers have fallen in love with Patsy and are very concerned about him. He enjoys the attention of caring people who take him out, walk him, bathe him in the pool and pond, hold him on their laps, cuddle him against their necks and talk to him for hours.

He’ll soon have his own little wheelchair so he can enjoy the sun and fresh air when spring returns, another gift from people who love this little duckling as he struggles to live his life to the full.

Pictures of Patsy

This animal has unfortunately left us... We invite you to sponsor an animal that can take full advantage of your support.

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