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I am Henry

When he arrived in November 2020 Henry was a young sheep absolutely afraid of humans and wouldn’t let anyone near him except the other goats and sheep and especially Adam, the young calf who lived in the barn. Henry immediately took refuge at his side and never left his side, bleating desperately when he lost sight of his friend.

Very quickly Henry learned that the humans around him meant him no harm. With his friend Adam by his side, he let go of his fears and quickly bonded with humans. In fact, Henry is a loving sheep who loves everyone: dogs, hens and roosters, turkeys, cows, goats and sheep and even those chattering geese that screech in his ears when he is just offering them his face to tingle. The hardest moment for Henry was when his best pal Adam joined his family for the summer. Although he could visit him in the field, his relationship changed and it was heartbreaking to see our little sheep calling his friend the calf to join him – which he did from time to time by the way. . Since then, Henry has taken his full place in the barn and has formed strong friendships with the goats and even Jeanne the shy sheep. He loves running errands with Russell and the new goats racing from one side of the sanctuary to the other until they are completely exhausted when they all slump with their tongues out. Henry shares with us privileged moments of love when he comes to snuggle up against us by resting his head against ours. What indescribable happiness!

Pictures of Henry
Sponsor Henry
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I love going out for fresh air and hanging out with my dirty friends


I love coming to welcome visitors to the Sanctuary with my sister Delilah! We are considered the guard geese :)

Miss Piggie

I’m the queen of the pig kingdom and I love it!


I am the biggest of all my bovine friends! I am often asked how old am I :)


I was a sweet and affectionate goat with humans.


I’m the greediest of them all, maybe even the whole Sanctuary! For me, everything tastes good and I don’t hesitate to do pirouettes to get what I want!


I am the most beautiful looking poney of all, don’t tell them ;) But I am a bit shy with humans while being kind and sweet.


Im a shy little goat who loves head scratches from humans!


I am an energetic and curious pig who enjoys bossing my friend Malcolm around!


Bailey arrived on September 23, 2018. She is a dairy cow who could not produce milk, as in principle sterile. Like any sterile dairy cow, she had to be sent to slaughter.


I am a sweet and sociable boy who gets along with others


Adam is our sweet boy growing up, brimming with curiosity about the world around him.

Forfait d’adoption de base – bénéfices inclus pour tous les animaux :

  • Certificat d’adoption
  • Photo en couleur de l’animal adopté
  • Macaron de SAFE
  • Visite VIP (sur rendez-vous) pour rencontrer votre animal


Pour votre information, tout don ou parrainage de plus de 20$ vous donnera un reçu d’impôt.

*SVP veuillez noter que les avantages sont alloués après 3 mois entiers d’adoption.


Basic Sponsorship Package includes:

  • Sponsorship certificate
  • Colour photo of the animal
  • SAFE pin
  • VIP visit (by appointment) to meet the animal

Please note that every donation/sponsorship over $20 will grant you a tax receipt.

*Please note that sponsorship privileges enter into effect 3 months after sponsorship has begun.