I am Delilah

I like

And I like

  • My friends Samson and Daphné
  • Long sunny days
  • Swimming at the pond
  • Sleeping in grassfields
  • Welcoming SAFE visitors

I am Delilah

Delilah arrived at SAFE with her (adoptive) sister Daphne in early June 2020. They were released from an industrial hatchery where goslings are usually sold a few days after birth to become meat, foie gras pate or plucked for their down and feathers. But a good soul brought them to SAFE where they grew up pampered, loved and free to do whatever they want with their days. They are African domesticated geese who do not fly. Despite our best efforts and demonstrations of swimming in the pond, Delilah and Daphne have refused to stay there where they could have made the acquaintance of our resident gander Samson who prefers nature and refuses to come up to the barn. They follow humans happily enough to the water but run back behind them to the barn so as not to be left alone so far from home. And yes, home is the barn and their little wading pool where they snuggle up against each other and float peacefully until they fall asleep. They spend their day wandering around the sanctuary, crossing all the enclosures talking endlessly to each other like two very busy gossips.

But what they love most is running to the sanctuary entrance gate as soon as they hear someone coming throwing the newcomers in a panic at the sight of this team of well-meaning guards. They make a hellish noise, honking and tugging at the shoelaces of these poor innocent souls who have no other resource but to take refuge to find relief from their attention.

Pictures of Delilah
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I love sharing special moments of love with humans when I snuggle up to them and lay my head on their shoulder. Yes I know, I’m adorable!


I was a sweet and affectionate goat with humans.


Samson was brought to us by a caring soul. He had an injured leg when he arrived and was limping badly. Now that he is healed he has elected to live on the pond at SAFE.


I’m a sweet and affectionate duck, and I love swimming in my little pool near the house. The volunteers take me there every day!


I am a rooster that is full of energy with a personality that does not go unnoticed!


I am an energetic and curious pig who enjoys bossing my friend Malcolm around!


I am such an affectionate and loving sheep. I am bright and smart.


Adam is our sweet boy growing up, brimming with curiosity about the world around him.


I’m the new kid in pig space and I’m also the most nimble! I love taking mud baths.


Bailey arrived on September 23, 2018. She is a dairy cow who could not produce milk, as in principle sterile. Like any sterile dairy cow, she had to be sent to slaughter.


I am a sweet and sociable boy who gets along with others


I am the most beautiful looking poney of all, don’t tell them ;) But I am a bit shy with humans while being kind and sweet.

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  • Macaron de SAFE
  • Visite VIP (sur rendez-vous) pour rencontrer votre animal


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  • Sponsorship certificate
  • Colour photo of the animal
  • SAFE pin
  • VIP visit (by appointment) to meet the animal

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