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I am Clover

Clover arrived at SAFE at the very beginning of May 2021.

The first in a series of ducklings we’ve kept and others we’ve placed. There was a craze in Montreal to adopt ducklings thanks to a post on TikTok urging their adoption. Young people sold them on street corners or in schoolyards.

Responsible parents tried to place them, but many were abandoned in parks or on the streets.

Clover immediately attached herself to Catherine and would scream in fear She had to be close to her and watch her work at the computer or at the kitchen counter preparing meals.

To avoid panicking completely, Clover would fall asleep around her neck, then spend the rest of the night in a carrier on her pillow, so as not to lose sight of the human who had become her mother.

Then Clover grew up and joined 5 other little ducklings who became her true companions. She forgot her human a bit like children do when they leave home ;)

Clover is now part of a tight group of 4 ducks. Ferdinand, d’Artagnan and Dudley never leave her side. They can be seen walking on the sanctuary, swimming and diving on the pond, or simply resting in the shade near the house.
Clover is the males’ exaggerated center of attention, but in exchange they protect her and give her priority over all the food bowls and goodies they discover on the ground and at the bottom.
Pictures of Clover
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I am the most beautiful looking poney of all, don’t tell them ;) But I am a bit shy with humans while being kind and sweet.


I’m the new kid in pig space and I’m also the most nimble! I love taking mud baths.


I am such an affectionate and loving sheep. I’m bright and smart and love human companionship.


I am Thor, the master rooster! I walk with class with my feathers going down to my paws.


I’m Flocon, an enchanting pigeon with quite a character!


I’m Ferdinand, the duck with the big heart!


I’m so sweet and kind that humans always come and stroke my cheeks !


I am Argent, the calm and gentle rooster of the Red Barn!


Nemoo is a male calf of the Jersey breed and therefore has no use in the dairy industry or in the meat industry. His destiny was different.


I love sharing special moments of love with humans when I snuggle up to them and lay my head on their shoulder. Yes I know, I’m adorable!


I love to blow and nicker when I see my human caretakers and approache with interest to see what goodies may be offered!


I enjoy being petted and brushed by humans. And I am very smart as I will do everything to go out!

Forfait d’adoption de base – bénéfices inclus pour tous les animaux :

  • Certificat d’adoption
  • Photo en couleur de l’animal adopté
  • Macaron de SAFE
  • Visite VIP (sur rendez-vous) pour rencontrer votre animal


Pour votre information, tout don ou parrainage de plus de 20$ vous donnera un reçu d’impôt.

*SVP veuillez noter que les avantages sont alloués après 3 mois entiers d’adoption.


Basic Sponsorship Package includes:

  • Sponsorship certificate
  • Colour photo of the animal
  • SAFE pin
  • VIP visit (by appointment) to meet the animal

Please note that every donation/sponsorship over $20 will grant you a tax receipt.

*Please note that sponsorship privileges enter into effect 3 months after sponsorship has begun.