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I am Bronco

Bronco is 15 years old with teeth and hooves in bad conditions. He is an affectionate pony who probably knew a friendly human touch in his youth until abandoned in a field. He enjoys being petted and brushed. He is very smart and will do everything to escape while going in and out of his stall to sneak away to the box where the grain is kept.

Just like his son, Silver, his mane and tail were full of burrs. He enjoyed being cared for and having his mane and tail cleaned. Bronco is now a very good-looking boy and is enjoying a quiet life in the company of his son and 2 pretty females.

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Beauty’s previous Mom looked for a new loving home for her for 6 months and out of desperation was going to send her to an exploitation farm. We intercepted her just in time.


If something happens, she is the first to investigate. After the storm passes, Matilda returns to her curious nature, growling happily when scratched behind her ears.


I’m Ferdinand, the duck with the big heart!


Bailey arrived on September 23, 2018. She is a dairy cow who could not produce milk, as in principle sterile. Like any sterile dairy cow, she had to be sent to slaughter.


I’m a sweet and affectionate duck, and I love swimming in my little pool near the house. The volunteers take me there every day!


I’m Flocon, an enchanting pigeon with quite a character!


I’m Olivia, Dais’s companion!


I am lucky to be with my mom, Bailey, and receive hugs very often


I’m the new kid in pig space and I’m also the most nimble! I love taking mud baths.


I love to blow and nicker when I see my human caretakers and approache with interest to see what goodies may be offered!


I am a sweet and sociable boy who gets along with others


I’m Cosette, Olivia’s sister!

Forfait d’adoption de base – bénéfices inclus pour tous les animaux :

  • Certificat d’adoption
  • Photo en couleur de l’animal adopté
  • Macaron de SAFE
  • Visite VIP (sur rendez-vous) pour rencontrer votre animal


Pour votre information, tout don ou parrainage de plus de 20$ vous donnera un reçu d’impôt.

*SVP veuillez noter que les avantages sont alloués après 3 mois entiers d’adoption.


Basic Sponsorship Package includes:

  • Sponsorship certificate
  • Colour photo of the animal
  • SAFE pin
  • VIP visit (by appointment) to meet the animal

Please note that every donation/sponsorship over $20 will grant you a tax receipt.

*Please note that sponsorship privileges enter into effect 3 months after sponsorship has begun.